Occupy Kasumigaseki Anti-nuclear Tent Museum - Now Open!

Occupy Kasumigaseki Anti-nuclear Tent Museum - Now Open!


The Tent Square (in front of METI) was first initiated on 11th September 2011, being constructed on the edge of a small park outside the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in the heart of Kasumigaseki, Tokyo. For more than 4 years, the tent has acted as a symbol of the opposition of many citizens to nuclear power and has provided a space for numerous gatherings, concerts, events and exchanges.
In March 2013, a lawsuit was filed against the tent demanding its removal and in October 2015, the High Court rejected the appeal made by Tent Square members against this. Currently, a final appeal is being made to the Supreme Court, yet despite this, the tent could be forcibly removed at any time in accordance with the previous judgement of the court.
With such a looming threat, members of the Tent Square and their supporters have determined to raise their voices even louder, bringing further attention to their message against nuclear power, against nuclear power plant restarts and against the export of nuclear power technology. As part of this appeal, the “Tent square for Women against nukes - fight with Fukushima” has dedicated its space to the Occupy Kasumigaseki Anti-nuclear Tent Museum.



In this museum, work of artists who have long dedicated themselves to anti-nuclear efforts is directly painted upon the tent itself, or is boldly hung through the tent space, further compounding the anti-nuclear message. Occupy Kasumigaseki Anti-nuclear Tent Museum will continue to promote this message until the end, up to the last moment as the government authorities attempt to bring a stop to the Tent Square’s activities.


We welcome you to visit the museum and experience the works for yourself while you still can!
December 2015
Tent square for Women against nukes - fight with Fukushima 

Event Schedule
(All events will take place in the Occupyhttp://admin.blog.fc2.com/control.php?mode=control&process=upload&insert=body# Kasumigaseki Anti-nuclear Tent Museum)
1: 5th December (Sat) 10:00 -(until sunset)
Opening Event
Live Painting by Yasumichi Inoue and Naomi Hasegawa After completion of the work both artists will join in a gallery talk.
2: 12th December (Sat) 12:00 -
Live Painting by Misato Yugi
After completion of the work, the artist will join in a gallery talk.
3: 12th December (Sat) 18:00 -
Film Screening “Brian and Co. Parliament Square SW1” With a post-screening discussion via skype with anti-war protestors in the UK involved in the sit-in action outside parliament *with Japanese interpretation.
4: 19th December (Sat) 13:00 -
A3BC (Anti-War, Anti-Nuclear and Arts of Block-print Collective)Print Workshop
(19th December 1955 = Day of Proclamation of the Atomic Energy Basic Act)
5: 12th March (Sat) 2016 13:00 -
A3BC (Anti-War, Anti-Nuclear and Arts of Block-print Collective)Print Workshop
(12th March 2011 = Day of the Meltdown of Unit 1 Reactor of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant)
6: 6th August (Sat) 2016 13:00 -
A3BC (Anti-War, Anti-Nuclear and Arts of Block-print Collective)Print Workshop
(6th August 1945 = Day of the first mass killing by nuclear bombing)
※All events are free and require no prior booking. All events take place inside the tent and so will continue even in the case of rain.
※In the case that the Tent Square is evicted before some of the planned events, information will be provided about the situation via the dedicated Facebook page or Twitter.
※The official Facebook page is a public page, so you can view it even without a Facebook account

Occupy Kasumigaseki Anti-nuclear Tent Museum
Open Everyday / Admission Free
Exhibition Hours:12:00~20:00
※In some cases, the time of events may be subject to change.
※The museum is intended to be open everyday, but there may be at times a necessity to close for maintenance.

Address:Tokyo Chiyoda-ku, Kamigaseki 1-3-1
Nearest Station: Exit A12a of Kamigaseki Station on the Marunouchi Subway Line, the Hibiya Subway Line and the Chiyoda Subway Line, Exit 7 of Toranomon Station on the Ginza Subway Line

<Participating Artists>
Further artists may also join at a later stage, in which case this information will be updated
281_Anti nuke
twitter @281_
HP http://281antinuke.com/
A3BC (Anti-War, Anti-Nuclear and Arts of Block-print Collective)
twitter @A3BCollective
HP http://a3bc.hanga.org/
Yasumichi Inoue
twitter @inoueyasmichi
HP http://yasmichi.com/
twitter @illcommonz
HP http://illcomm.exblog.jp/
Naomi Hasegawa
(no twitter/HP)
Misato Yugi
twitter @pelukiss
HP http://mikanblog.com/

Reiko Obitani
(no twitter/HP)

Setsuko Kida
(no twitter/HP)
Ran Kiryu
(no twitter/HP)
... and more!!

Organizer:Tent square for Women against nukes - fight with Fukushima 
Coordinator: Yumiko Hayakawa (Filmmaker)
※Occupy Kasumigaseki Anti-nuclear Tent Museum
Facebook Page:www.facebook.com/antinuketent2015
Twitter @tentohiroba_no2
(Translated by Emma Ota)



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